Our Business Health Check-up service is just like an annual physical exam for your personal health. Our team of business experts examines every function of your operation, and if you wish will even work with your accountants to provide a detailed report on the health of your business operations and how they track with your goals.

What we check for you

Our Health Check includes an objective S.W.O.T. analysis to report on your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

We identify your value chain and compare each element to your cost centers and let you know how much value you are getting for your investments at every step of production.

We interview key members of your team and provide you a summary of their feedback on how they see your mission, customer relations, and performance. We pass on their ideas for improving your profitability. You might be surprised at what you learn from this exercise!

We will interview the outside stakeholders you identify to get their appraisal of your business and your industry. We will even study your top competitors to determine how you are positioned in your market.

Our report will compile our findings and suggest ways to improve your business as you continue to operate. If desired, we can even help you implement changes you decide will help you achieve your goals.

How We Do It

Our team leader will sit down with you to map out a health check plan that best suits your goals and ongoing operational requirements. We listen to your objectives and identify the key team members you want us to talk to. We will ask for any key operating documents you want us to consider. Obviously, the more we learn about your company the more our service will help you. Before we leave we complete a contract and sign a mutual confidentiality agreement that protects your business information.

Our team will study the materials you provide, visit your operations, consult your outside stakeholders (and your accountant if you agree), and examine your immediate market. We interview your team members and summarize their inputs.

With our analysis complete, we concentrate on an arriving at an objective assessment of your business health over the next 12 months. If necessary we will make follow up contact to clarify our data. We keep you appraised of our work and report back to you.

Our Deliverable.

We provide you a face-to-face brief of our key findings and recommendations and provide you with a complete written report - just like your doctor would do for your personal health check. If you desire a follow-up session in several months to see how you business is implementing any changes you direct, we can do that do.

Our success is improving your business!