Our Business Strategy Second Opinion service is an objective assessment of your strategic business plan. Whether your plan has been around for a while or you have just concluded a new plan, our added value is the conviction that you are on the right track and have not overlooked any possibilities. Our business experts examine your plan in detail, compare it to your operation and, at your discretion, works with your accountants to provide an assessment of how your strategy syncs with your financial posture. Our evaluation helps you proceed to your best advantage.

What we check for you

Our Health Check includes an objective S.W.O.T. analysis to report on your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

We go over your current business operation and compare it to your strategy. We report on how well your resources are aligned with the plan. We identify your value chain and cost centers and determine how they will be affected by you new plan.

We interview the key members of your team and provide you a summary of their feedback on how they see your mission, customers, and performance. We pass on their views of your strategy and their own ideas for improving your business. You will be surprised at the great ideas that often arise from this exercise!

We interview the outside stakeholders you identify to get their appraisal of your business strategy and its prospects for success from their perspective. We can even study your top competitors to determine how your plan might succeed in your market.

We compile our findings and suggest ways to improve your business strategy as you continue to operate. If desired, we can even help you revise your plan or implement changes you decide will help you achieve your goals.

How We Do It

Our team leader visits you to get a copy of your business strategy and map out a review plan for your current operation. We listen to your objectives and identify the key team members you wish us to talk to. We ask for key operating documents you want us to consider. We will conclude a contract and a mutual confidentiality agreement.

Our team studies the materials you provide, visits your operations, consult outside stakeholders you chose (and your accountant if you desire), and examines your immediate market. We interview your team members and summarize their inputs.

Our Deliverable.

We brief you on our key findings and recommendations, and provide you a complete written report on our assessment of your business strategy. If you like, we can work with you or your planning team in revising your business plan.

Our success is improving your business!